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Amos & Leafie
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Learn about Amos & Leafie and our unique line of Cannabis products. Cultivated for quality and desirability, try us today in our wholesale partner dispensaries!

Meet The Amos Brand


Amos and Leafie was founded in 2019 after the founder of Alternative ReLeaf, Barbie, discovered Amos and Leafie to be her great grandparents.  Because of missing information in the family tree – the discovery was a shocking coincidence given Leafie’s name and the business name of our dispensary, Alternative ReLeaf. 

To ensure there were no mistakes in the family history combined with the incredible coincidence that seemed to be occurring, Barbie confirmed her ancestry using her relatives headstone! Due to the significance of the discovery, it only made sense to pay homage to her relatives.

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Amos & Leafie Products

Check out the Amos and Leafie Cannabis products in uniquely branded packaging. Exclusively hand-crafted from our premium, chemical-free,& ethically grown marijuana plants.

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Come see our products at one of Montana's Cannabis Dispensaries! Open for Recreational Consumers & Montana Medical Marijuana patients.  

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